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FNC - GROUP 16 Years OF Building Profitable Partnerships 

Welcome to the Freight Network Corporation, where we're dedicated to helping members of the freight industry to flourish as they strive to achieve their objectives in a thriving global marketplace and fast-paced world cargo network. The Freight Network Corporation Group, also known as FNC Group, has over 490 plus members, located in 600 cities in over 100 different nations across the globe.

FNC GROUP 16th International Conference concluded in Barcelona Spain


FNC is a global logistics network of over 490+ medium sized Freight Forwarding and logistic companies in more than 100 countries around the world. It is this unique multidisciplinary methodology to serving clients that makes FNC different.

FNC Group is a reputed Freight Network emerged as a bridge to connect the freight forwarders across the globe under one roof to develop business prospects, international friendship, trust and confidence among our members.

FNC Group was established as a platform whereby freight forwarding companies from across the globe could connect, collaborate and form profitable business partnerships under single brand.


Each FNC Group member is hand-picked by our team, following a comprehensive review. Many who join our global cargo network are also referred by existing group members.  

  • 490+ Qualified Members 
  • Qualified & Certified Freight Forwarders 
  • Member Conference Every 8 Month Gap
  • Freight Protection Program 
  • Excellent value - Cost effective Membership Program
  • Certificate from HQ
  • Enhanced Visibility 
  • Friendly logistics network

These are just some of the benefits that you will receive by becoming a member of a unique and unmatched community that has the ability help you transform your business and multiply your success exponentially!



The Freight Network Corporation is always seeking independent freight forwarding companies to join our network, the FNC Group. Our primary goal is to serve as a reliable platform where members can connect and form mutually beneficial partnerships and business collaborations. 

To achieve this goal, we maintain very high standards to ensure that all of our members are reputable, reliable and experienced freight forwarding firms. We conduct an in-depth review of all applicants to ensure the company meets all of our standards.


Instant Access to over 490+ FNC Certified Forwarding Agent Globally.

All new member are protected under FPP

Enrolled Company will be listed in                               Membership Directory 

Membership Certificate (Printable Soft Copy) will be issued from FNC HQ. 

Members can nominate reliable agents ( Subject Admin Approval)  

FNC Member Enjoy day to day Admin Support 

Member will receive Frequent Circular ,                     Membership Updation & News.

Upcoming events

Global Leader 16 Years 

To achieve this goal, we maintain very high standards to ensure that all of our members are reputable, reliable and experienced freight forwarding firms. We conduct an in-depth review of all applicants to ensure the company meets all of our standards 

  • Nomination / Routing Business From Fellow Members Also create new business opportunity with well experienced freight community. 
  • Eligible to use FNC Group Name, Logo & Certificate
  • Member will receive invitation to attend the FNC Group Business Conferences
  • Member will receive payment collection support service
  • Enjoy improved visibility online along with better search engine ranking for your company website 
  • Full Access of members directory and global business networks through our members-only website
  • Access to Exclusive Membership Iphone App 

Boost your brands credibility and close more sales by being part of a prestigious group that will immediately bring a level of respect and trustworthiness to your credentials"

We help our members grow their business through a secured, positive and professional partnership atmosphere  that enable them to develop quality, long-lasting business relationships

For years we have worked hard to keep the Freight Forwarder network growing with motivated and driven members. With this unique network, your company will thrive!

The Right Choice

 Instant access to over 500+ global freight forwarding network members.

  100% Secured All member participate under freight protection program get protection

 Frequent Business Meeting 

 Most Friendly Business Partners 

 Business Support from fellow Members

I am now been a member of FNC for a number of years and I would like to congratulate the organizers for their professionalism with arranging conferences and any inquiries I send them. The members of the network are very responsive to our requests and respond to our emails promptly. The other members are active and supportive within the network with regular inquiries and shipments booked.”

John Lenzo

Owner, Zeus Global Logistics Pty Ltd - Australia

As FNC Group network grows, our vision grows as well. Each day brings us closer to our goal of dominating the global cargo forwarding industry. Our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations of excellence on every level. 

FNC Group Pte Ltd
16 Raffles Quay
#41-01 Hong Leong Building
Singapore 048581
Registration No : 201108828G
Email : admin@fnc-group.com
URL : www.fnc-group.com www.freightnetworkcorporation.com
Tel : 65 31581830Fax: 65 67228404

UK : +44 7311071402 / +44 7311067998

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Tech Partner Wisdom Tech Ltd England 

Logistics Software Partner Wisetech Australia